Countertop Warranty Program

STONETECH warranty

Protect your Investment for Years to Come

Countertops are under daily assault of food and beverages, but when treated properly can last a lifetime. STONETECH® has partnered with Stone Mountain Protect™ to create an industry leading countertop stain protection program.

Peace of Mind

  • Stain protection from common household food & beverages
  • For all granite, marble, and basalt countertops*
  • Unmatched coverage
  • Covers replacement labor and materials included
  • Warranty transfers with the title of the property – no limitations
  • Receive STONETECH® Countertop Warranty Care kit
  • STONETECH® BulletProof® Sealer applied by a certified & trained professional installer – for absolute peace of mind!

*Quartzite countertops are no longer covered in the STONETECH® Countertop Warranty Program. See STONETECH Impregnator Pro® Sealer as a recommended option for stain protection on Quartzite countertops – not covered in this warranty.




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STONETECH Countertop Warranty Brochure

 STONETECH Countertop Warranty Care & Coverage Overview

STONETECH Countertop Sell Sheet