254 Platinum

The ultimate one-step, polymer fortified, thin-set adhesive for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, stone, quarry tile, pavers and brick.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for thin porcelain tile, thin porcelain tile panels
  • Suitable for natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles, quarry tile, pavers, and brick.
  • Tile over existing ceramic, porcelain & stone surface*.
  • Equipped with anti-microbial technology.
  • Ultimate adhesion for porcelain and glass tiles.
  • Incredible bond to exterior glue plywood* and concrete*.
  • Superior for exterior and submerged applications.
  • High shear bond strength.
  • Smooth creamy formula.
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.4, A118.11 and ANSI A118.15
  • Conforms to EN 12004, ISO 13007 with a classification of C2TE S1.
  • External cladding of large format tile / stone
  • Also available in Rapid Grade

*    See limitations, Contact technical department for more informations. 

Product Information

254 Platinum is the ultimate one-step polymer-enhanced thin-set adhesive for use as a tile adhesive or a stone adhesive. It is a reliable product for applying ceramic tile, stone, quarry tile, pavers, brick, porcelain tiles, thin porcelain tiles, glass tiles, and external cladding of large format slabs, tiles, or stone.
254 Platinum is an excellent product for submerged and exterior underwater applications and has a solid bond to concrete and exterior glue plywood for interior use.
254 Platinum is a smooth and creamy formula with an extended open time, superior adhesion, and exceptional workability. To apply, simply combine it with the required amount of water.
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